Travel Study Programs

Centro Romero Travel Study experiences provide participants with opportunities of engaging community members, community leaders as well as religious and political leaders of our host cities and/or countries. Participants will also meet scholars who are currently researching and/or teaching in their particular areas of interests and/or expertise.

Our travel study programs include visits to cultural sites, community based agencies, archaeological sites, etc. as well as exposure to cultural and regional customs and festivities.

San Miguel de Allende México

Through our Travel-Study Experience to San Miguel, participants will have the opportunity to learn about Mexico, Mexican Protestantism, migration issues, culture, political and economic issues, as well as popular religion by looking at them from a “globalized” point of view. Experience the magical town of San Miguel de Allende, a city rich in culture and traditions, located in the mountainous central region of Mexico. This trip includes visits to cultural and archaeological sites, and exposure to cultural and regional customs and festivities.
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Intoxicatingly colorful, deeply intriguing, and entering a new era, Cuba is a place like no other. The culture of Cuba is a complex mixture of different, often contrasting, factors and influences. Cuba is a meeting point for European, African, Chinese, and continental North American cultures. Much of Cuban culture, especially Cuban music, is instantly recognized throughout the world. But one has to be there to experience the warm and friendly Cuban people, who want to share with visitors their real image of the Cuban experience, to the sound of Cuban son. Centro Romero Travel Study Program to Cuba is principally for participants interested in the culture and history of Cuba. Our educational sessions are conducted in Spanish with simultaneous translation provided.

Most lectures and excursions will take place in Havana and surrounding communities.  All of the cultural activities will supplement the students’ learning and help to deepen their appreciation of Cuba. Activities in Havana will include a walking tour of Old Havana, a visit to the Museum of the Revolution and the Che Museum, and a presentation about Afro-Cuban syncretic religions. There is also a planned excursion to the beach and the Museum of the Slave Trade in nearby Matanzas. For more information:




Chiapas and Oaxaca

Designed for participants with an interest in Latin American, this unique experience explores the intersection of development, culture, and social change through the lenses of the dynamic and evolving context of contemporary Mexico. Located in the southwestern Mexican state of Oaxaca – declared “Humanity’s Cultural Patrimony” by the United Nations – the program explores and affirms the rich diversity of contemporary Mexican society and culture. It engages the issues that challenge the country’s continued growth and establishes a foundation to understand the history of U.S./Mexico relations and the Mexican experience in the United States. Ultimately, the program strives to build knowledge and understanding of one of the United State’s closest yet least understood neighbors.

Oaxaca is located in the Pacific Coast but merits its own spot, as it is an important destination and considered as the southern land of the Maya, Miztec and Zapotec cultures. You can explore scenic ruins, colonial cities and Indian villages. There are also archaeological sites in Mitla and Monte Alban (which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO).

Chiapas and Oaxaca exudes a warm and relaxed atmosphere, that, when coupled with its perennial spring weather, hospitality and people makes for a highly enjoyable and educational experience. For more information:

Bogota, Colombia

Centro Romero, in partnership with the Toma mi Mano Foundation, Universidad Distrital and Manuela Beltrán University and other NGOs, offers the chance for participants to exchange ideas, impressions and reflections with residents of the Colombian cities of Bogotá and Ibagué. Through their active involvement, our participants help communities to achieve different objectives, providing important contributions at local, regional and national level.

Our volunteers are also provided with the opportunity of bonding with children, teens, adults and elderly persons; who will enrich their lives, in the framework of a unique cultural exchange opportunity. For more information:




Petropolis is one of the most developed—and safe—areas of Brazil, and Brazil is one of the most developed countries in Latin America. A colony of Portugal for nearly three centuries, Brazil has been independent since 1822, and underwent several government transformations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In recent decades, it has become a rising economic and political leader in the region and, increasingly, in the world. Just recently, the country overtook the UK as the sixth-biggest economy in the world. Known for its stunning natural beauty and abundant biodiversity, Brazil lives up to its reputation for being larger than life.

During our time in Brazil, our participants will be under the care of the Center for Human Rights, a nongovernmental organization. The Center for Human Rights of Petropolis was inspired by a small group of Christians bringing together the commitment and willingness to articulate faith and social commitment. For more information:


Centro Romero is announcing a new and exciting Travel Study program to Lima, Perú. Our first delegation to Perú will depart in early Spring 2016. The charm of Peru can be attributed, among many things, to the country’s incredibly diverse geography and beauty. In addition to its enticing natural beauty, Perú is enlivened by its indigenous and colonial history, which is evidenced in archeological gems, such as Machu Picchu and contrasted in its populous capital, Lima.

As the capital city of Perú, Lima is the primary site for industry and education. Its idyllic location along the Pacific coast provides an exceptional site for participants to get engage in conversations, reflections and service projects while learning about Peruvian culture. Whether you are interested in the reflection aspect of our trip or the service projects included, Perú is an incredible Latin American destination for the immersion experience! For more information: