Immersion Programs

Centro Romero’s immersion experiences range in length from 1 to 10 days. Our programs are designed for self-organized groups from churches, community based agencies, schools, colleges, universities and theological seminaries. Tijuana is the host city for all of our border immersion experiences. In Tijuana groups meet with community organizations, community leaders, migrants, maquiladora workers, their families and executives.

Besides traveling to Tijuana, Mexico, those groups participating in the five days immersion program will also have the opportunity to explore, more deeply, the local context. Activities in the U.S. side may include visits to the Chicano Park in Barrio Logan (San Diego); Southwestern Missions (Oceanside) as well as agencies working on issues of sex trafficking, hunger and the environment, among others. Our visits may include visits to U.S. governmental agencies such as the Border Patrol, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as well as immigration detention centers.

Border Patrol Tour

The Border Patrol Tour will provide participants with an intimate look and interactive experience of the border.  Participants will see first-hand the terrain, obstacles & challenges faced by both Border Patrol Agents and migrants. Regardless of your political views or opinions on current border issues, participants will find exploring the terrain, seeing the sights, learning about Border Patrol operations and directives, highly educational.

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