Our Partners

Albergue Las Memorias

Las Memorias (Memories) Shelter is a place that specializes in the care of HIV and Aids patients. The shelter, -the only one of its kind in the city- gives the patients a safe place to live and all the medical attention they need. It also supports them psychologically so they can get off of drug and alcohol addiction.

Colectivo Chilpancingo Pro-Justicia Ambiental

As a Tijuana neighborhood organization, El Colectivo advocates for a healthy and clean environment, safe working conditions, and human dignity. Through the environmental justice movement, the leadership and members and residents of Chilpancingo emerged as the intrinsic part of a movement that is reinterpreting the definition of their environment in the city of Tijuana.

Casa de los Pobres (House of the Poor)

Originally founded in 1957 by Franciscan Sisters in the Colonia Altamira, a neighborhood of Tijuana. For more than 50 years, Casa de los Pobres has served the “poorest of the poor”. The Casa provides poor families with: a hearty breakfast each morning (about 30,000 of them every month); a bag of groceries once a week on “Bodega Day”; clothes that have been donated to the Casa; home supplies (i.e., soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and other basic necessities); general medical care and education.

Anti-Sex Trafficking Efforts

Our partner agency is an international network that brings people together from diverse backgrounds to help, through a variety of efforts, to restore the lives of survivors of sex trafficking.  Founded in 2010 out of concerns about the sex trafficking corridors between the U.S. – Mexico border in San Ysidro-Tijuana, the busiest international border in the world. Our leadership includes a dynamic team with more than 15 years of experience handling human trafficking and sexual exploitation cases in the U.S. and in Mexico.

Alfa y Omega Churches of Baja California

Alfa y Omega congregations have been a voice for social justice in our community for over 50 years. Our core beliefs about spiritual growth and acting for social justice are reflected in many ways, including sermons, music and religious education classes. The Social Justice Council of Alfa y Omega is specifically charged with leading the social justice efforts of their congregations. Alfa y Omega Congregations, along with Centro Romero, strives to inspire, educate and mobilize people to build a more democratic, peaceful, equitable and life-sustaining world.

The Erendira Proiect

Ejido Eréndira is a small community located in the municipality of Ensenada in the state of Baja California. As a core part of our bi-national ministry, we conduct short-term medical mission trips through which we provide medical care to the residents of this geographically isolated community. Supplies are brought to each project, after which modest but efficient suites and consultation rooms are set up to provide medical care to people who may have waited for years for help.

We provide one or two week opportunities for volunteers to work in medical, dental, surgical optical clinics. Our medical volunteers come from a variety of traditions and backgrounds to work together with the common goal of serving the poor. There are 2 kinds of projects; general projects in which to provide general medical care, perform small surgeries and dental care. For these projects we need physicians, nurses, techs, pharmacists, anesthesiologists, general helpers and teens. We also have specialty projects, which require specialists in medical fields such as, general surgery, ophthalmology, OB GYN and plastic surgery.

Most groups bring their teams already assembled but there is always need for anesthesia, nurses and general helpers. Everyone is welcome!